Polling Bandwidth as an Aggregate

Brandon Ewing nicotine at warningg.com
Wed Jan 25 23:11:37 UTC 2012

On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 08:15:45AM -0500, Drew Weaver wrote:
> RTG uses MySQL for it's backend, so you can basically setup queries however you like and you can use RTGPOLL to graph multiple interfaces as well.
> It's a super good tool and I think there is a group working on RTG2 at googlecode (I think).
> -Drew

I agree with Drew -- I have several functions that do their best to
correlate readings amount multiple interfaces, combine them with other
readings near the same time intervals, and output a single set of aggregate
bandwidth data.

One of RTG's big problems is scalability -- as you monitor more and more
devices, going further and further back in time, you're ending up with a
gigantic MySQL dataset that can be difficult to manage.  Fortunately, there
are open-source tools to help manage this.  There's a Ruby program that
automates consolidation of multiple rows into single rows based on
configuration data -- allowing you to keep 5-minute readings of interface
data for 2 months, then condensing it to 1 hour readings after that, with
the flexibility to identify specific tables and specific timeframes to give
you maximum control.

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