Equinix Miami 1 condemnation

david raistrick drais at icantclick.org
Wed Jan 25 20:28:07 UTC 2012

On Wed, 25 Jan 2012, Jay Ashworth wrote:

> Last week, we saw some traffic about the Lightfiber problems because EqM1
> is apparently in a building that's been condemned by the city or county
> of Miami.

If I were to toss out purely random semieducated guess - a lot of 
south florida datacenter buildings were pretty damaged by Ivan (and his 
friends, floyd, charlie, francis, and katrina) some years back.  I'd 
venture to guess that they've managed to keep things running (or put it 
back together enough to keep things running) for a while and have been 
fighting the condemnation order for a number of years...and finally lost. 
Fun part about those is you usually have nearly zero time to gtfo, 
especially if you've fought it...

of course, my memory of that time is pretty fuzzy (but I did watch as the 
company that borged my employeer at the time had to scramble massively to 
recover from having their gear destroyed, flooded, and otherwise put out 
of service by the storms, basically moving everything that was down south 
up to orlando).  It definitely affected our ability to get paychecks - and 
for the next few months the were having to literally truck the only 
remaining check printer back and forth from S.Fl to Orlando every week to 
print checks....

. o O ( and I don't know where equinix's building was in south florida, 
either.  but I know they never showed up on our radar when we were hunting 
for space with dark fiber back to the NAP to feed our southern customers 
their dose of WCQ...)


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