How are you doing DHCPv6 ?

A. Gregory Rabil greg.rabil at
Tue Jan 24 15:28:23 UTC 2012

Hello folks,
I would like to chime in on this thread.  I have great interest in how this
plays out.  The Jagornet DHCPv6 Server is capable of providing specific
addresses to clients based upon DUID and IAID using a filtering mechanism
supported in the configuration file.  Of course, predicting what the
DUID/IAID may be from various clients is still a challenge.  However, if
this information is available, the Jagornet DHCPv6 server can support this
model.  Also, specific binding reservations will soon be supported.
 Logging is rather extensive as well.  The server is Certified IPv6 Phase
II Ready.  Furthermore, version 2.0 beta will be available soon, which will
include support for DHCPv4!

Please find the free, open-source version of the IPv6 Phase II Ready
Jagornet DHCPv6 server here:

Best regards,
Greg Rabil
Jagornet Technologies, LLC.

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