Why not to use RPKI (Was Re: Argus: a hijacking alarm system)

Yang Xiang xiangy08 at csnet1.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn
Tue Jan 24 03:43:23 UTC 2012

2012/1/24 John Kemp <kemp at network-services.uoregon.edu>
> Minor correction there.  If you are talking about our IX collectors
> EQIX Ashburn, SYDNEY, etc.) those are at exchanges and peering
> directly.  The
> collectors at Univ of Oregon (rv,rv2,rv3,rv4, rv6), yeah, those are
> multi-hop.
> Doesn't detract from your point, but I think it helps if people are
> aware of whether
> they are on the exchange or on a multihop when using routeviews collectors.
We talk about routeservers, not collectors.
Argus doesn't use routeservers in RouteViews to identify hijacking.

> Only other thing to add, I don't think anyone mentioned Cyclops in this
> thread.
> Just as another data point, see also: http://cyclops.6watch.net or
> http://cyclops.cs.ucla.edu
> John Kemp (kemp at routeviews.org)
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