AT&T and IPv6 Launch

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So i have been privately referred to where you can find supporting CPE devices. 

It sounds like if you have equipment supporting ipv6 it may just appear one day "soon". 

Jared Mauch

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> Is there someone who can talk about how to get IPv6 on AT&T residential:?
> Thanks,
> - Jared
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> ISPs participating in World IPv6 Launch will enable IPv6 for enough users so that at least 1% of their wireline residential subscribers who visit participating websites will do so using IPv6 by 6 June 2012. These ISPs have committed that IPv6 will be available automatically as the normal course of business for a significant portion of their subscribers. Committed ISPs are:
>    • AT&T
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I am still waiting for our switched Ethernet circuits (Opt-E-MAN) to be supported.


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