LAw Enforcement Contact

Andrew D Kirch trelane at
Mon Jan 23 21:21:11 UTC 2012

 From memory Ameen Pishdadi is the owner of GIGENET, run by Paul Ashley 
(Aka XEROX), and comprised of the IP space and assets of FOONET.  One 
would think that he has much contact with law enforcement.

Or does my memory fail me?


On 1/22/2012 8:16 PM, A. Pishdadi wrote:
> Hello,
> We recently tracked down a botnet that attacked our network. We found the
> C&C server, it has approximately 40-50 servers, consisting of mostly *nix
> machines with high speed connections, for example AWS servers or dedicated,
> attack capacity is 4-5Gb/s or more. Is there any contacts with law
> enforcement here that I can send over the info too?
> .

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