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> Incidentally, some traffic stats on


> downfall-did-to-the-web/<>


> MegaUpload was indeed one of the more popular sites on the web for

> storing

> > and sharing content. It ranked as .98 percent of the total web

> traffic

> > in the U.S. and 11.39 of the total web traffic in Brazil. It garnered

> > 1.95 percent of the traffic in Asia-Pac and a less substantial .86

> > percent in Europe.

Our (Sandvine) report<> shows the amounts of traffic for various

storage and backup sites such as megaupload, rapidshare, etc.

In the US residential ISP traffic megaupload was ~1% of downstream.

Other sites are starting to 'voluntarily' shut down access to the US

(e.g. filesonic), and you can see the fairly sharp cut-off as below image.

[note the chart doesn't give you an absolute sense since you know neither

the number of customers nor the amount of the total bandwidth used, but

it gives you a relative view. In this particular chart, there was approximately

10Gbps of traffic from all protocols present, yielding the ~1% for


Given that filesonic cut off sharing, but still allows users to fetch

links they themself posted, one could make the assumption from the below

that there was negligible traffic due to people re-fetching their

own content.

[cid:image001.png at 01CCD9A8.2AB2B630]

Some more stats on

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