juniper mx80 vs cisco asr 1000

Saku Ytti saku at
Fri Jan 20 21:54:45 UTC 2012

On (2012-01-20 09:50 -0700), PC wrote:

> Juniper has some very aggressive pricing on mx80 bundles license-locked to
> 5gb, which are cheaper and blow the performance specifications of the
> equivalent low end ASR1002 out of the water for internet edge BGP
> applications.  Unlike the ASR, a simple upgrade license can unlock the
> boxes full potential.

ASR1002 list price is 18kUSD, MX5 list price is 29.5kUSD. Upgrade license
for MX5 -> MX80 literally costs more than new MX80 (with all but jflow
license, two psu and 20SFP MIC)

Sure MX5 will do line rate on 20 SFP ports, vastly more than ASR1002, but
this is little consolation if you need high touch services such as NAPT,
IPSEC etc. So applications for these boxes are quite different.


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