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>  From what I understand about MegaUpload's approach, they created a
>  hash of every file that they stored. <SNIP>

So Megaupload did de-dupe..  Compare that to selecting the "de-dupe" option in your NetApp (or having someone else do it for you) and in that case other instances can exist on your site and you really don't know because, well De-Dupe is magic right?  Are you doing the wrong thing by only removing the instance of that file that was complained about?  Or are you required to dig further?  I would think not. Is it possible that a file could be legal and illegal at the same time based on context of use?  Like some guy is backing up his legitimate copy in his "locker" and some other guy is putting it out there for all his buddies..  Its the same file, de-dupe does its thing and now we need to re-think what do when we get a complaint.


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