US DOJ victim letter

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Fri Jan 20 19:08:56 UTC 2012

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> Subject: Re: US DOJ victim letter
> On a less serious note, did anyone notice the numbers on the 
> link? I'm pretty sure they are implying those are IP addresses. 
> 123.456.789 and 987.654.321. Must be the same folks that do the Nexus 
> documentation for Cisco.
For illustration purposes, for a non-techincal audience, it seems (at 
least somewhat) reasonable to use 'nonets' instead of octets.  After
all, 'no nets' are clearly not what DNS -should- be returning. *GRIN*

And, of course, systems using the traditional unix dotted-quad to binary
conversion logic _will_ happily convert those strings to a 32-bit int. 

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