How are you doing DHCPv6 ?

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Fri Jan 20 13:06:52 UTC 2012

Randy Carpenter <rcarpen at> writes:

> I am wondering how people out there are using DHCPv6 to handle
> assigning prefixes to end users.
> We have a requirement for it to be a redundant server that is
> centrally located.

OK, so then you've already made your choice.

Another solution is having the DHCPv6 servers distributed while keeping
the database centrally managed.  This is the route the delegated prefix
will travel:

central MySQL master => local MySQL slave on each RADIUS server =>
RADIUS based per client provisioning => local DHCPv6 server running on
each access router => DHCPv6 client on customer CPE

This is about as redundant as it gets if you have multiple RADIUS
servers in multiple sites. No need for any cooperation between the
DHCPv6 servers to be fully redundant.

The only assumption is that either will the client always connect to the
same access router, or the prefix must move between the access routers
the client uses.  Whether this is a deaggregation problem for you or not
depends on how those access routers can be grouped, if at all.

But that problem is really unrelated to DHCPv6


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