Tei oscar.vives at
Fri Jan 20 11:00:15 UTC 2012

What sould fileshares must do, is to store files in these services in
a encrypted way, and anonimized name. So these services have
absolutelly no way to tell what are hosting.

Fileshares can organize thenselves in sites based on a forum software
that is private by default (open with registration), then share some
"information" file that include the url to the files hosted, and the
key to unencrypt these files, and some metadata. A special desktop
program* would load that information file, and start the http

This way can combine the best of the old "BBS" systems to the best of
the current caching and hosting technologies.  These http hosting
services seems to operate well enough. A % of the users go premium to
allow more and better downloads.

*Maybe is time to write such program.

ℱin del ℳensaje.

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