juniper mx80 vs cisco asr 1000

Saku Ytti saku at
Fri Jan 20 08:14:35 UTC 2012

On (2012-01-19 12:10 -0800), jon Heise wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience with these two routers, we're looking to
> buy one of them but i have little experience dealing with cisco routers
> and zero experience with juniper.

It might be because of your schedule/timetable, but you are comparing
apples to oranges.

MX80 is not competing against ASR1k, and JNPR has no product to compete
with ASR1k.
MX80 competes directly with ASR9001. Notable differences include:

ASR9001 has lot more memory (2GB/8GB) and lot faster control-plane
ASR9001 has 120G of capacity, MX80 80G
ASR9001 BOM is higher, as it is not fabricless design like MX80 (this
shouldn't affect sale price in relevant way)
ASR9001 does not ship just now

As others have pointed out ASR1k is 'high touch' router, it does NAPT,
IPSEC, pretty much anything and everything, it is the next-gen VXR really.

ASR9001 and MX80 both do relatively few things, but at high capacity.


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