RIS raw data

andra.lutu at imdea.org andra.lutu at imdea.org
Thu Jan 19 14:30:05 UTC 2012

Hi Randy, 

Thank you for your reply. 
I do, however, have
one more question, please find it bellow.

>> In some
cases I saw the export policy ANNOUNCE ANY, is this consistent
>> with a particular AS behaving like the RIPE AS was its
> well, if i was to take that literally, that
would include internal
> prefixes, e.g. some of p2p inter-router
links, loopbacks, ...

What would be then the
difference between this ANNOUNCE ANY policy and  this other policy I have
found "ANNOUNCE AS-YYY" (where AS YYY is the AS  exporting its
routes)? What are the ASes actually exporting in this  case?
> of course, taking anything from the IRR literally is naïve at
> some years back, i asked for a *simple minimal*
tagging of announcements
> to route views, just peer, customer,
internal.  it got ietfed to utter
> uselessness, with more crap
welded on to it than envisioned in mad max.
> randy

Best regards, 

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