RIS raw data

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Thu Jan 19 12:12:14 UTC 2012

On 19/01/2012 11:24, andra.lutu at imdea.org wrote:
> I am working on getting a better grasp on what data we
> have in the RIS project from RIPE. 
> To this end, I am checking the
> export policies of the ASes peering with RIPE AS12654 at different
> IXPs.
> I am wondering if anybody knows what these ASes actually
> announce to the RIPE repositories? Do they dump their entire routing
> tables (including their internal routes) ?  
> In some cases I saw
> the export policy ANNOUNCE ANY, is this consistent with a particular AS
> behaving like the RIPE AS was its customer? 
> Another type of export
> policy is for example 'to AS12654:  ANNOUNCE AS "YYY"
> '(where  "YYY" is any AS peering with RIPE in the RIS
> project). 
> How is this policy different from the previous one from
> the point of view of the routing feed the RIPE repository receives? 

Hi Andra,

INEX used to maintain two peering matrices.  One was based on RIPE IRRDB
data; the other was based on netflow/sflow BGP data sampled from the IXP
infrastructure.  The difference between the two was shocking.


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