accessing multiple devices via a script

chip chip.gwyn at
Wed Jan 18 16:48:02 UTC 2012

Like many others on here, I utilize rancid's set of scripts to handle
all the different platform's quirks for access.  I then wrap that
inside a perl script that can do things in parallel.  I'm no developer
by any stretch of the imagination but I can poke around in perl badly
enough to write some tools.  One perl module I've come across is
Parallel::Fork::BossWorkerAsync.  Using this module makes it
incredibly easily to run many instances in parallel while each
instance is just a bit different and then can gather data back from
each session.  Using some form of parallelization can significantly
decrease the amount of time things take.  I hope you find it as useful
as I have.

Good Luck!


On Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 12:52 PM, Abdullah Al-Malki
<a.almalki1402 at> wrote:
> Hi fellows,
> I am supporting a big service provider and sometimes I face this problem.
> Sometimes I want to access my customer network and want to extract some
> verification output "show commands" from a large number of devices.
> What kind of scripting solutions you guys are using this case.
> Appreciate the feedback,
> Abdullah

Just my $.02, your mileage may vary,  batteries not included, etc....

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