How are you doing DHCPv6 ?

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>On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 06:19:28PM -0500, Randy Carpenter wrote:
>> > You might want to give this a read:
>> > 
>> >  
>> That doesn't really help us if we want to deploy before that draft
>> becomes a standard.
>Well, it more or less just presents options (workarounds for missing
>proper HA sync).
[jjmb] correct.  FWIW the IETF dhcwg is currently working on DHCPv6
failover/redundancy.  See here for the requirements:

>> Are there any DHCPv6 servers currently that actually function in a
>> fashion that is suitable for service providers?
>Without specifying your requirements, that's hard to say. If you're
>looking for fully state-sync'ed DHCPv6 server HA, I'm not aware of any.
[jjmb] same here, I expect a specification would be required first.

>Cisco unfortunately pushed that another year into the future for CNR, so
>we're resorting for now to the "Split Prefixes" model described in
>abovementioned draft, effectively halving our DHCPv6-PD pools and thus
>exacerbates the negative effects of RIPE's overly converservative
>policy (HD-Ratio 0.94) on IPv6 by effectively stealing one bit (half
>the address space) just for redundancy. :-(
[jjmb] we have to do what we have to do, the good news migration to a
proper failover model should be straight forward.

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