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My personal opinion has been that we have seen great success in large environments with FreeRadius and using radrelay for mysql synchronization then an OpenLDAP-backend. We used FreeBSD/CARP and/or FreeVRRPd for failover but this can be accomplished in other methods.

FreeRadius has a built-in CLUSTERIP module which allows clustering/load-balancing/failover or you could AnyCast the systems for redundancy. 

As for load balancing other Radius servers which may not have it built in - I would say a hardware solution is usually great because you get support, etc. However, if you don't need the support then there are a ton of options available. You could go as far as load balancing it with LVS (which I personally do not like but MANY do :)) or software load balancers like pen/pound/haproxy.

Best of luck!

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Hi there again,
I think Leigh is not available this week, anybody else idea about such a
Which loadbalancer is good to use? LVS or hardware one? or radius as a
How database must be placed? How radius servers talk to DB?
And which radius server you suggest? Radiator?

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> wrote:
> > Hi there,
> > Has anybody experience about running and OSS System in enterprise level?
> > And do you have any idea about it?
> > For example for an ISP who is running users more than 20K or 30K, there
> > must be some good solutions to integrate all systems like:
> > Radius, Billing Systems and CRM
> > For example after searching and asking friends I have some ideas about
> > Radius to use: radiator
> > Is there anybody who has analyse such a systems before in his ISP? Need
> > sharing here :)
> > Thanks
> We did this a few years ago and ended up writing the while thing
> ourselves. This included billing, subscriber management etc etc.
> We integrates to salesforce.com for the internal front end and the user
> facing stuff we did ourselves.
> It was a big project and took a team of six about six months. But we ended
> up with a perfect solution that did exactly what we needed and it was
> pretty good.
> It handled within the order of users you mention, but we designed to 100k
> users.
> We used radiator (highly recommended) with openldap back end. Multiple
> load balanced servers etc etc.
> The worst thing we did was to build our own mail system. Not that it was
> an issue, it never went wrong, but these days I'd just send people to gmail
> or something.
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> Leigh Porter
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