Whois 172/12

Ted Fischer ted at fred.net
Sun Jan 15 07:37:25 UTC 2012

Hi all,

   Tearing what's left of my hair out.

   A customer is getting scanned by a host claiming to be "".

   I know this is bogus, but I want to go back to the customer with as
much authoritative umph as I can (heaven forbid they just take my

   I'm pretty sure I read somewhere once that 172/12 was "reserved" or
something like that.  All I can find now is that 172/8 is "administered by
ARIN".  Lots of information on 172.16/12, but not a peep about

   If anybody could provide some insight as to the
allocation/non-allocation of this block, it would be much appreciated.


Ted Fischer

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