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On 13 Jan 2012, at 19:35, "Joel jaeggli" <joelja at bogus.com> wrote:

> On 1/13/12 11:19 , -Hammer- wrote:
>> OK, So I'm doing a lot of reading lately on Nexus as we are about to get
>> into the 7k/5k game and of course a lot of the marketing revolves around
>> VPC. Every time I see it referenced, I keep remembering a reasonably
>> reliable Nortel implementation called Split MLT (Multi Link Trunk). Is
>> there something fancy here that I'm missing in the docs or am I wrong in
>> equating the two? Isn't VPC just S/MLT? It's just that Cisco has shown
>> up 8 years late and is trying to hype it up to compensate?
> vpc/vlt/mlag/s/mlt

I am using the Brocade version, Multi Chassis Trunking (MCT), and it really does make things a lot nicer.

Leigh Porter

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