Verizon FIOS/DSL - Southern California DNS Issues

David Siegrist David at
Fri Jan 13 18:01:45 UTC 2012


Has anyone been experiencing Verizon FIOS/DSL DNS issues for the past 72 hours?
Looks like Verizon FIOS/DSL is blocking legitimate sites, ours being one of them.  We have over 300 of our members throughout California on Verizon FIOS/DSL experiencing issues getting to sites.  One of the big ones is Bank of America.  I have started a post on Verizon's site and directed our members to post their issues there.

I can't seem to get the issue escalated.  Thought I would get the opinion of the group to see how to get this issue to the actually engineers that have access to Verizon's DNS servers.

Thanks in advance.

David Siegrist
IT Systems Manager
david at

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