Linux Centralized Administration

Mark Scholten mark at
Fri Jan 13 11:04:42 UTC 2012

> Hey folks. just curious what people are using for automating updates to
> Linux boxes?
> Today, we manually do YUM updates to all the CentOS servers . just an
> example but a good one.  I have heard there are some open source
> solutions similar to that of Red Hat Network?

We did create our own solution and are still expanding it. Currently we set
what a server should look like at the servers, we want to change it to the
central system. This would make it easier to deploy extra servers (only
entering a MAC address, selecting software and starting a server should be
enough to auto-deploy it).

Our current solution is designed for Debian/Ubuntu, but should also work on
other Linux distributions.

A working copy might be available; please contact me offlist and I'll look
what I can do.

Kind regards,

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