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> > >1. 1 Gbps link with complete block of UDP/ICMP protocol

> > One question:
> > 1. Not knowing anything about your business, is there a specific reason
> > that you want "a complete block of UDP/ICMP protocol"? That can be
> > problematic with IPv4, and downright foolish with IPv6.
> perhaps we are walking around w/ incomplete notions of what
> constitutes a "complete block of UDP/ICMP protocol"...
> for me, literally,this makes no sense whatsoever. ratcheting back
> on my literal filter (be liberal in what you accept) I beleive
> what he is asking for is a contigious block of IP addresses
> for use in his network. am also making the inference that he is
> only looking for IPv4 (no route to host by /32 prefix).

Well, I dunno; I concur with jms: I assumed he meant "where the provider
drops all incoming UDP and ICMP traffic addressed towards my IP space on
the floor".

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