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> 	ndeed.  and now i am curious..  what business plan/product/service
> 	could make money w/o ICMP or UDP access.. ???

Turn the OP's e-mail into a URL:

  Impletec Traffic Laboratory was established with the aim to develop and
  provide high-load solutions for Network Engineering, CDN, DDoS
  Protection and other high-level network services. At the highest
  possible standards, with minimum hassle and lowest expense to you - our
  valued customer.

I know of a half dozen "DDoS Protection ISP's" that block all UDP
and ICMP.  It also fits with his desire to have a blackhole community
by the /32 with his upstream.  I don't know if this sort of filter all
ICMP behavior is more a symtom of the providers or their customer bases,
but regardless of the source it makes most of the sites behind these
services very slow and/or unreachable from some locations.

I'm not sure posting "I'm a DDoS magnet" on NANOG will get a lot of
people jumping up to offer service, or good rates! :)

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