In search of uplink vendor

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Thu Jan 12 17:43:08 UTC 2012

On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 08:41:23AM -0500, Justin M. Streiner wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Jan 2012, bmanning at wrote:
> >On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 08:01:58AM -0500, Justin M. Streiner wrote:
> >>On Thu, 12 Jan 2012, Paul Kaminsky wrote:
> >>>1. 1 Gbps link with complete block of UDP/ICMP protocol
> >>One question:
> >>1. Not knowing anything about your business, is there a specific reason
> >>that you want "a complete block of UDP/ICMP protocol"?  That can be
> >>problematic with IPv4, and downright foolish with IPv6.
> >	perhaps we are walking around w/ incomplete notions of what
> >	constitutes a "complete block of UDP/ICMP protocol"...
> My notion of the original statement was that the OP was looking for a 
> provider that would block all UDP and ICMP, as in firewalls and packet 
> filters.  I also made the possibly-incorrect assumption that if the OP 
> has an ASN from which to announce prefixes, it would also be reasonable to 
> expect that they already have at least one prefix to announce.
> >From that angle, 'problematic' and 'downright foolish' is not such a far 
> walk ;)
> jms

	ndeed.  and now i am curious..  what business plan/product/service
	could make money w/o ICMP or UDP access.. ???


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