Monday Night Footbal -- on Google?

Jay Ashworth jra at
Wed Jan 11 22:41:15 UTC 2012

In this week's CES coverage on Marketplace, venture capitalist Mark Suster
of GRP Partners opines that Google will bid on the broadcast rights to MNF
within the next 5 years.

Is 'The Internet' ready to deliver live 1080p HD with very close to zero
dropouts to 25-30 million viewers for 4 hours straight every week, yet?

People don't mind buffering in cat videos, but I'm pretty sure they don't 
want Tim Tebow's last pass of the game interrupted by an hourglass for 5 

Will CDN's help this?  Multicast?  Or is this just a yawn story for you guys
who run "the backbone" these days?

-- jra
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