BOF at NANOG 54 - IPV4 runout, doing more with less.

Joel jaeggli joelja at
Wed Jan 11 07:34:33 UTC 2012


The BOF topic that I proposed during the recent thread:

  Re: Sad IPv4 story?

Got approved, I'm still looking for 1-2 additional speakers to round out
the agenda. To recap:

* IPV4 run-out means new entrants will from the outset deploy techniques
  the present operators consider undesirable.

* IPV6 should be appearing as part and parcel of new greenfield
  projects I would think.

* On the vendor side CGN hardware is becoming a mature product space.

* Datacenter/ICP operators confront a similar set of problems both
  supporting outgoing connections for large pools and incoming

I you have thoughts on any or all of these subjects your fellow NANOG
participants are likely to be a receptive audience.

In particular I think our colleagues running access networks would be
potentially interested in thoughtful commentary on some of the following:

* Port constrained or determistic nat mappings e.g.


* What the near term state of residential/small business cpe are, and
  what if anything they're still missing to be suitable for ipv6

* What scaling properties pitfalls have been encountered with big
stateful translation systems either nat44 or nat64.

If you like a formal slot on the agenda, please reach out to me. If you
simply have an interest in this area let me know and we'll see if we can
fit your topic in the plan.


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