shell access to BGP router, CALEA tips??

N Rauhauser neal.rauhauser at
Sun Jan 8 17:13:03 UTC 2012

  Ladies & Gentlemen,

      I wanted to check something on an IP address block this morning and,
much to my surprise, I don't have access to a single router that has a full
table in it - first time since 1999 this is the case. I see route views is
still happily serving up shells, but I'm curious to know if there are any
other viewpoints available. I am probably going to script something for
this particular problem, so I want boxes that have shell access, not
graphical looking glass type stuff.

     I am also plunged into the world of lawful intercept after a long
absence. Other than providing muddled responses ten minutes before the
deadline on obvious MPAA/RIAA trolls I haven't had to do a subpoena
response since 2005 and I've not installed anything that needed to meet
requirements since 2009. Is there a good write up somewhere on the current
state of affairs?

             Neal Rauhauser

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