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We have been using GoDaddy for quite some time as they offer good deals if you call them in and buy in bulk.  Mind you we manage certs for about 50-100 customers as well.  Haven't had any issues with them not being trusted on mobile devices except for old windows mobile 5 and early 6 devices.  

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I've had good experience with Entrust. One thing to be careful with is some mobile devices (especially older Android ones) have limited root certificates. Network Solutions and Entrust work, some others, not so much. From my experience Android 2.3+ has most of the common root certs, but previous versions don't.

I wonder if someone has a list comparing root certificate support across platforms?

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> Looking for a recommendation on who to buy affordable and reputable 
> SSL certificates from?  Symantec, Thawte, and Comodo are the names 
> that come to mind, just wondering if there are others folks use.
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