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Thu Jan 5 22:15:22 UTC 2012

On 5 Jan 2012, at 22:02, "Shahab Vahabzadeh" <sh.vahabzadeh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> Has anybody experience about running and OSS System in enterprise level?
> And do you have any idea about it?
> For example for an ISP who is running users more than 20K or 30K, there
> must be some good solutions to integrate all systems like:
> Radius, Billing Systems and CRM
> For example after searching and asking friends I have some ideas about
> Radius to use: radiator
> Is there anybody who has analyse such a systems before in his ISP? Need
> sharing here :)
> Thanks

We did this a few years ago and ended up writing the while thing ourselves. This included billing, subscriber management etc etc.

We integrates to salesforce.com for the internal front end and the user facing stuff we did ourselves.

It was a big project and took a team of six about six months. But we ended up with a perfect solution that did exactly what we needed and it was pretty good.

It handled within the order of users you mention, but we designed to 100k users.

We used radiator (highly recommended) with openldap back end. Multiple load balanced servers etc etc.

The worst thing we did was to build our own mail system. Not that it was an issue, it never went wrong, but these days I'd just send people to gmail or something.

Leigh Porter

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