question regarding US requirements for journaling public email (possible legislation?)

Eric J Esslinger eesslinger at
Thu Jan 5 15:56:46 UTC 2012

Hope yall had an 'eventless' holiday. (I.e. no pages at 2 am on a holiday morning).
Sorry to drop what is possibly just someone misunderstanding something or pulling my leg on the list, but over the holidays I ran into one of my buddies that is also a network admin type and he was griping about mail journalling, which I already do for our corporate email accounts. However, his discussion was in terms of all customer email... Which I said was probably a bad thing to do. His response was there is legislation being pushed in both House and Senate that would require journalling for 2 or 5 years, all mail passing through all of your mail servers.

I've seen nothing, and my google fu has turned up nothing other than corporate requirements, so I ask here. Has anyone heard of such a bill working it's way through either side of congress?

(I am speaking specifically of full email journaling, not just logs, which I do archive for significant amounts of time.)

I also don't want to discuss the pros, cons, merits, costs, goods, or evils of such a requirement, just wanted to know if this is something I should be looking forward towards maybe needing to implement.

Thanks for your attention and may you have a low incident new year.
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