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Thu Jan 5 09:51:00 UTC 2012

There is video hosting web sites on the intertubes?

Now where would those be found, I wonder.  All I have ever seen is macro-streaming that is fraudulently labeled and advertised as video -- the worst being something called FlashVirus, which was written by a company called MacroVirus Media or something like that, and currently owned and flogged by Adobe along with their "Proprietary Document Format" (the latest versions of which boast UVTD technology -- Unstoppable Virus Transport and Distribution).

If the so-called video contains arbitrary executable code (or can run arbitrary executable code), or requires the use of a specific application to "play" (or infect the target), then it should not be described as "video".  It is a streaming-macro.

Microsoft was the first OS vendor to add the "Execute Payload" header to IP which saved much time and effort in the distribution of malicious code via the internet.  Unfortunatly, Adobe and several other vendors have patents on what is called the method of "Executable Data" and made Microsoft remove their wonderous invention under pain of patent lawsuits.

Of course, maybe whats meant is File hosting, where the File being hosted just happens to contain video data in standard data format (preferably a pure-data format that does not embed execution macros of any type).


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> >> Err, while we're talking about video files and nanog, why is the video
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> >> Why not use one of the many video serving services? some of which are
> >> free even :)
> >> (that part's not a troll, a real question, even!)
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> > The website work hasn't yet begun, so that is certainly still on the
> table.  If you would like to volunteer some of your time...
> I'm sure we could arrange some process to ingest videos to some form
> of video-hosting-website... a videotubes site let's say.
> who should I chat with?

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