incoming smtp from v6 addresses

James Cloos cloos at
Thu Jan 5 02:23:20 UTC 2012

>>>>> "RB" == Randy Bush <randy at> writes:

>>> 7.8% is over ipv6 transport
>>> but only 2% of outgoing deliveries are over ipv6.

This is incoming only, mostly mailing lists (including a few *busy* ones):

:; zgrep -Ec 'client=[^[]+\[[^]]+:' /var/log/* |awk -F: '{i+=$NF} END {print i}'

:; zgrep -Ec 'client=[^[]+\[[0-9]+\.' /var/log/* |awk -F: '{i+=$NF} END {print i}'

so 19.19% ipv6.

That is somewhat biased by the fact that debian and, IIRC, gnome lists
are sent from ipv6-capable hosts and their bugs lists are among the
busiest lists.

For outgoing, s/client/relay/ which results in about 4.75% ipv6.

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grep --color=yes -Ec 'client=[^[]+\[[^]]+:' /var/log/

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