incoming smtp from v6 addresses

Randy Bush randy at
Wed Jan 4 10:26:59 UTC 2012

>> 7.8% is over ipv6 transport
>> but only 2% of outgoing deliveries are over ipv6.
> What's your primary configuration ?  Hub, end user system ?

the main smtp receiver and sender for  maybe 100 users and a few
dozen mailing list of small to lower middle class size.

> Care to share the methodology ? I can run some stats, but want
> to be sure we're comparing the same thing :)

hold your nose

zgrep '<=.*\[....:' /var/spool/exim/log/main* | wc
zgrep '<=' /var/spool/exim/log/main* | wc

and the ever failthful bc :)


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