Hotmail / MSN blacklisting policies.

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Mon Jan 2 02:35:15 UTC 2012

On Sun, 1 Jan 2012, James Smallacombe wrote:

> I have been doing this for 16 years.  It has always been SOP to provide 
> an offending email, with full headers to the complaint recipient, if not 
> in advance of such blacklisting, then at least upon request.

There are/have been a number of well respected (not to mention most of the 
private ones) anti-spam BLs that either don't always or never provide 
"offending email" evidence to support listings, and I'm not aware of any 
that ever made it SOP to provide such evidence in advance of listing an

Hotmail listing one of your servers for no obvious reason is certainly the 
pot calling the kettle black.  I get a pretty regular stream of pills spam 
from hotmail servers, most of which should trivially be blocked by the 
sender if they gave even the slightest damn about their outgoing spam.

> They flat out refuse to do this, claiming they have no access to this.

With an org the size of hotmail, it's quite conceivable that the people 
dealing with you don't have access to the information you seek, assuming 
such information was even kept.

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