Programmers with network engineering skills

George Bonser gbonser at
Wed Feb 29 02:59:14 UTC 2012

> That sparked my interest. Did I miss something? One can lie about
> TS/CSI clearance and be believed as long as one can fool a lie
> detector? How safe is that? That strikes me as a bit odd.

Yeah, you missed something.  TS/SCI w/polygraph means that you underwent a Special Background Investigation *and* you passed a polygraph during an interview which is generally used to detect if you are being deceptive in your answers to questions, not so much to find "the truth".

And you can lie about the TS/SCI until it comes time to actually be cleared for work.  The "powers that be" will discover your lie before you ever emerge from the "leper colony" and your hopes of ever getting one at that point are headed down the drain.

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