FCoE/CNA Deployment w/ Nexus 5K, HP 580s, QLogic

Chris Cappuccio chris at nmedia.net
Tue Feb 28 00:50:15 UTC 2012

David Swafford [david at davidswafford.com] wrote:
> Lots of head-banging and teamwork eventually got us squared away!  This
> situation is a good example of why network guys NEED to have a great
> relationship with both server and storage guys (we're all really close
> where I'm at).  Had there been tension/etc between the teams, this would
> have been signifiantky harder to resolve.

I don't know how this points to the NEED to have a great relationship with your vendor. Your vendors all failed to figure anything out. Obviously you need smart guys on staff to work-around problems...

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