Programmers with network engineering skills

Owen DeLong owen at
Mon Feb 27 20:22:19 UTC 2012

I think you're more likely to find a network engineer with (possibly limited)
programming skills.

That's certainly where I would categorize myself.


On Feb 27, 2012, at 12:02 PM, Brandt, Ralph wrote:

> Generalists are hard to come by these days. They are people who learn
> less and less about more and more till they know nothing about
> everything. People today are specializing in the left and right halves
> of the bytes....  They learn more and more about less and less till they
> know everything about nothing.  And BTW, they are worthless unless you
> have five of them working on a problem because none of them know enough
> to fix it.  Worse, you can replace the word five with fifty and it may
> be still true. 
> I know of three of these, all gainfully employed at this time and could
> each find at least a couple jobs if they wanted.  I am one, my son is
> two and a guy we worked with is the third. 
> At one time (40 years ago) the mantra in IS was train for expertise, now
> it is hire for it.  Somewhere there has to be a happy medium.  I suggest
> this, find a good coder, not a mediocre who writes shit code but a good
> one who can think and learn and when you talk about branching out with
> his skill set he or she lights up.  His first thing on site is take the
> A+ networking course.  
> No, I do not sell the courses.  But I have seen this kind of approach
> work when nothing else was.
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> Subject: Programmers with network engineering skills
> Hello All,
> i have been looking for quite some time now a descent coder (c,php) who
> has
> a descent amount of system admin / netadmin experience. Doesn't
> necessarily
> need to be an expert at network engineering but being acclimated in
> understanding the basic fundamentals of networking. Understanding basic
> routing concepts, how to diagnose using tcpdump / pcap, understanding
> subnetting and how bgp works (not necessarily setting up bgp). I've
> posted
> job listings on the likes of dice and monster and have not found any
> good
> canidates, most of them ASP / Java guys.
> If anyone can point me to a site they might recommend for job postings
> or
> know of any consulting firms that might provide these services that
> would
> be greatly appreciated.

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