do not filter your customers - part2

fredrik danerklint fredan-nanog at
Mon Feb 27 19:36:57 UTC 2012

If we are gonna start to get somewhere with this issue, how about to 
make sure the routing/prefix databases is correct first?

Please see:

In that file you will find 'not_allowed_to_announce6' which contains
about 2307 prefixes of ipv6 which is not in any routing/prefix databases 
OR the prefix that was submitted to it was wrong (probably the syntax of 
that prefix).

Which bring us to the next question.

Why on earth is it possible to submit a faulty prefix into a database 
today? Why is there (basically) no verification at all?
Please take a look at '' see what's going on
(ok, some of the databases is probably for internal use only and we
need to filter that - but it is so much more that needs to be filtered).

Also in that file you will find 'prefixes4' and 'prefixes6' which 
contains all the prefixes after all the checking has been made (One 
prefix per line). These two files could be really useful for everybody 
in this community if someone (like the RIR:s) made those available to 
all of us, so we don't have to download all the databases, just the 

(And I know that AS52011 is announce to two prefixes which is not in the 
databases. Thank you very much).


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