Reliable Cloud host ?

Jason Gurtz jasongurtz at
Mon Feb 27 15:25:34 UTC 2012

> [...]  For DNS,
> EasyDNS ( are rather good and
> not too expensive, and you can get a 100% up-time guarantee if you
> want.  A review of them regarding availability is at

I have been a very satisfied EasyDNS customer for about a decade and
concur with the article. Nothing is perfect, but the rapid response and
support I've received have always been top-notch.

> Do let us know who you end up picking and how it goes.

Indeed. "Cloud" outside of references to mists and objects in the sky is a
completely meaningless term for operators. In fact, it has made it harder
to differentiate between services (which I'm sure is the point).

As an operator (knowing how things can be subject to accelerated roll-out
when $business feels they are missing out), I wonder if a lot of these
"cloud" service bumps-in-the-road aren't just a symptom of not being fully
baked in.


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