Reliable Cloud host ?

Max perldork at
Mon Feb 27 14:31:57 UTC 2012 is not cloud based but they offer IP failover between VPS
instances at no additonal charge - their pricing is excellent, I have
had no down time issues with them in 3+ years with 3 different
customers using them and they have nice OOB and programmatic API
access for controlling VPs instances as well.


On 2/26/12, Randy Carpenter <rcarpen at> wrote:
> Does anyone have any recommendation for a reliable cloud host?
> We require 1 or 2 very small virtual hosts to host some remote services to
> serve as backup to our main datacenter. One of these services is a DNS
> server, so it is important that it is up all the time.
> We have been using Rackspace Cloud Servers. We just realized that they have
> absolutely no redundancy or failover after experiencing a outage that lasted
> more than 6 hours yesterday. I am appalled that they would offer something
> called "cloud" without having any failover at all.
> Basic requirements:
> 1. Full redundancy with instant failover to other hypervisor hosts upon
> hardware failure (I thought this was a given!)
> 2. Actual support (with a phone number I can call)
> 3. reasonable pricing (No, $800/month is not reasonable when I need a tiny
> 256MB RAM Server with <1GB/mo of data transfers)
> thanks,
> -Randy

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