Reliable Cloud host ?

david raistrick drais at
Mon Feb 27 00:19:02 UTC 2012

On Sun, 26 Feb 2012, Randy Carpenter wrote:

> I don't need that kind of HA, and understand that it is not going to be 
> available. 15 minutes of downtime is fine. 6 hours is completely 
> unacceptable, and it false advertising to say you have a "Cloud" 
> service, and then have the realization that you could have *indefinite* 
> downtime.

Um.  You and I apparently work in different clouds.

In my world, the SLAs I have agreed to state, roughly, that uptime is not 
guaranteed, nor is data recoverability.  They suggest that that sort of 
thing is -my- problem to engineer and architect around.

I don't use Rackspace's cloud solution - but I haven't seen anything to 
suggest that they advertise their service any differently.

The "cloud" provides flexibility and rapid deployment at the expense of 
hands-on control and reliability (and SLAs).

Perhaps you forgot to read the SLA?  Or you can show us where someone 
defines "Cloud" as "highly available" and "without indefinite downtime" ?

david raistrick
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