do not filter your customers

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Feb 25 09:52:35 UTC 2012

> as would be solving world hunger, war, bad cooking, especially bad
> cooking.
> route leaks, as much as i understand them
>  o are indeed bad ops issues
>  o are not security per se
>  o are a violation of business relationshiops
>  o and 20 years of fighting them have not given us any significant
>    increase in understanding, formal definition, or prevention.

let me try to express how i see the problem.  to do this rigorously, i
would need to form the transitive closure of the business policies of
every inter-provider link on the internet.

why i say it is per-link and not just inter-as (which would be hard
enough) is that i know a *lot* of examples where two ass have different
business policies on different links.  [ i'll exchange se asian routes
with you in hong kong, but only sell you transit in tokyo.  we have two
links in frankfurt, one local peering and one international transit. ]

it is not just one-hop because telstra was 'supposed to' pass some
customers' customers' routes to optus.

i find this daunting.  but i would *really* like to be able to
rigorously solve it.  please please please explain to me how it is
simpler than this.


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