do not filter your customers

Richard Barnes richard.barnes at
Fri Feb 24 19:49:38 UTC 2012

>> I think if we asked telstra why they didn't filter their customer some
>> answer like:
>> 1) we did, we goofed, oops!
>> 2) we don't it's too hard
>> 3) filters? what?
>> I suspect in the case of 1 it's a software problem that needs more
>> belts/suspenders
>> I suspect in the case of 2 it's a problem that could be shown to be
>> simpler with some resource-certification in place
>> I suspect 3 is not likely... (or I hope so).
>> So, even without defining what a leak is, providing a tool to better
>> create/verify filtering would be a boon.
> Yes, I agree!
> What I'd hate to see is:
> 4) We fully deployed BGPSEC, and RPKI, and upgraded our
> infrastructure, and retooled provisioning, operations and processes
> to support it all fully, and required our customers and peers to use it,
> and even then this still happened - WTF was the point?

I think this is the point:

> This "leak" thing is a key vulnerability that simply can't be brushed
> aside - that's the crux of my frustration with the current effort.

You seem to think that there's some extension/modification to BGPSEC
that would fix route leaks in addition to the ASPATH issues that
BGPSEC addresses right now.  Have you written this up anywhere?  I
would be interested to read it.


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