AW: WW: Colo Vending Machine

Thomas Weible - FLEXOPTIX Thomas.Weible at
Fri Feb 24 14:00:37 UTC 2012

> I thought they already existed:

Yeah, that's correct. You can see the first version of the series production  at CeBIT Hannover this year (Hall 6 Booth K45) - the show will take place between 6th - 10th of march. We also have some free tickets for the show. If you plan to be there, let us know and drop me a line.

> That one's a FlexOptix idea, so the vending machine will indeed 'vend'
> optics and then also go on to code them for your chosen hardware.
> I thought it was a neat idea when I spoke to Fearghas about it a year or so
> ago, though I've still not seen one around yet.

It took a while to move from the first prototype to a ruggedized, flexible and in series produceable version. 


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