Network Traffic Collection

Scott Weeks surfer at
Thu Feb 23 22:51:35 UTC 2012

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From: Maverick <myeaddress at>

>> It might be an effort to write a customized traffic analysis tool like
>> wireshark with only required functionality. I would really appreciate

I want to be able to see information like how much traffic an ip send
over a period of time, what machines it talked to etc from this
perspective it should be IP based but I would really like to know how
other people do it.

Wouldn't Wireshark provide this for you?  In particular, the "Conversations" 
tool under the "Statistics" drop down menu?  It adds data to the tool in 
real time.  If you want a graphical output the I/O graphs also under the
"Statistics" menu can graph all, or slices of the data in the main 
Wireshark output.


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