Customer Notification System.

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Thu Feb 23 19:28:52 UTC 2012

Paraphrasing someone else........ I would encourage my competitors to send notifications to their customers in PDF format.



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On 22/02/12 6:46 PM, James Wininger wrote:
> Well we would not be sending the notification in an attachment, but there are times when it would be nice to send a list of circuit ids (exported from billing system as PDF) or some other exported doc to the notification.

Nice for WHO?  There is absolutely no need to export something as simple 
as a list of circuit IDs as a pdf.  Use plain text.  Ditto for the rest 
of your exported DOCs.

When there are exceptions, when you need to include an image (sparingly, 
not because marketing thought it was a good idea to bling up all your 
emails), or a table, send in HTML with plain text.  Don't make the 
recipient start up another program to open an attachment.


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