do not filter your customers

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Thu Feb 23 08:00:27 UTC 2012

Haha!  Funny

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Anurag Bhatia
On Feb 23, 2012 12:27 PM, "Randy Bush" <randy at> wrote:

> >> and things when further downhill from there, when telstra also did not
> >> filter what they announced to their peers, and the peers went over
> >> prefix limits and dropped bgp.
> > Oh! so protections worked!
> imiho, prefix count is too big a hammer.
> it would have been better if optus had irr-based filters in place on
> peerings with telstra.  then they would not have dropped the sessions
> and their customers could still reach telstra customers.
> of course, if telstra did not publish accurately in an irr instance,
> not much optus could do.
> randy

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