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Joe Greco jgreco at
Wed Feb 22 22:08:52 UTC 2012

> Am 22.02.2012 um 22:48 schrieb Joe Greco:
> > You also don't have to
> > buy a MMS; the lower end Mac mini's are also plenty powerful, can be
> > upgraded similarly, but lack OS X Server and the quad core CPU.
> With 10.7, Server is now a $50 add-on download from the Mac App Store, no special hardware required.

I also haven't found it to be particularly *good* at anything; I'm not
an OS X guy, and maybe that's part of the problem, but I found Snow
Leopard Server a lot more comprehensible in a "this seems really un-Apple-
like but at least it makes some sort of sense" way.

OS X Lion Server feels like someone just bolted on random bits of server
management stuff.  If you've ever managed a server with a poorly
integrated control panel, it reminds me a little of that.

I believe that there are plenty of people who ditch OS X entirely and do
other things with them.  I wish ESXi would run on them.  I could see
*uses* for that.

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