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> High prices are more likely to do with the small market for such
> devices, than to do with the cost of the underlying technology.

Sure.  Not being on the consumer part of the S-curve will kill you.

> It isn't so much genlock, as accurate pixel clock recovery, that's the
> hard thing.

That's the fundamental component of genlock, I think, isn't it?

> It is indeed hard to do well, but fortunately the chipmakers have done
> all that for you. It's a common enough need (think flat panel monitors)
> that there are inexpensive single-chip solutions for it that not only
> do the A/D conversion, but handle the pixel clock recovery for you as
> well: see, for example, the Analog Devices AD9884A or ADV7441A.

Yeah; I knew (or was pretty sure) that it was down to the chip level at
this point, but as you say, for driving the price down, there's nothing
like the single-chip solution, and this is apparently just far enough
off the edge of the popularity curve that it's not in any single-chip 
solutions (that I know of, and board-level hardware isn't really my game).

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